Since 2011, Pixiel Group has been one of France’s few designer-manufacturers of professional civil drones. The group leverages on innovation which is the central focus of its business to constantly invent and develop new cutting-edge technological solutions that are offered by ATMOS.
The system, called Neopter, is a drone-based solution that allows to create scenery in the sky.



  • Drone swarm
  • Autonomous, without a pilot
  • By day and by night
  • In adverse weather conditions


  • Ad-hoc creation
  • Virtual image display on programming software
  • Synchronisation on timecode
  • Reproducible
  • Multi-choreography
  • Accuracy of the shapes
  • Smooth movement


  • Robust and reliable system
  • Payload stabilisation algorithms
  • Flight programming software
  • User-friendly system
  • Fleet flight simulator
  • Possible to use within close proximity of the public as authorised by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC)



The major artistic advantage of the ATMOS solution lies in its ability to lift the interchangeable scenery elements such as lit candles, flags, characters, pyrotechnics, lasers, mapping projection, etc.

Payload per drone: up to 2 kg

R&D design office

The ATMOS Research and Development design office has a team of 25 engineers in electronics, embedded software, industrial design, mechatronics, etc.

These specialists possess expertise in the entire manufacturing process of the technological solution: from the design to the development of the hardware and software.

Innovation is one of our fundamental values. The Research and Development office studies all types of projects for specific and custom requests.


The French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) is an internationally-recognised body which plays a major role in the supervision and legislation of autonomous flight within France and engages in international cooperation initiatives in the aerospace industry. As a designer-manufacturer of professional civil drones since 2011, Pixiel Group was one of the first French companies to gain approval from the DGAC.

Through its advisory and support role, Pixiel Group is able to safely develop its technological solutions. The Neopter received special authorisation from the DGAC in 2016. This authorisation covers night flight, in a fleet and close to a public for a night air show.