ATMOS was created by Pixiel Group, a designer and manufacturer of professional drones and a global pioneer in filming and photographing with drones since 2011.
With some 2,000 hours of filming in over 50 countries, time and again Pixiel Group has been able to adapt its know-how to very diverse and sometimes extreme weather conditions, currently boasting an exceptional technological lead.

In 2015, Puy du Fou called on Pixiel Group to meet a major artistic challenge: that of using the skies of the Cinéscénie as a new stage. The team of experts at the Research and Development design office were able to design an autonomous, reliable, robust and user-friendly drone solution in less than a year.

Owing to its performance and safety, the system gained approval from the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) and the group was specifically authorised by the DGAC to fly at night within close proximity to 14,000 people.

This artistic and technological achievement was a world first and in 2017, the ATMOS trademark was created to respond to demands from the entertainment sector.


«The 2016-2017 seasons of the Cinéscénie show allowed us to fully exploit the potential of the system. Our drone fleet solution has confirmed that it is a genuine scenery and artistic innovation in the entertainment industry by enthralling spectators at each performance. By extending the technological and regulatory frontiers, we offer unparalleled creative potential thereby opening up new artistic dimensions.

By creating Atmos, we perfectly met the strong innovation needs in the world of show business and entertainment. The scenic potential is phenomenal and unprecedented for people seeking to create prestigious events across the world  .»